Wednesday, 10 December 2008

There Were Eleven Ravens...

In his Guardian Diary today, Hugh Muir records the passing of one of the ravens in the Tower. Apparently the kingdom will not fall yet, as there are still ten left, 'including Baldrick, Gwylum, Thor, Hugin and Munin.' The one that died was called Gundulf. All very pseudo-medievaly, though at least Hugin and Munin are proper raven's names. Calling one of them Thor, though, rather cuts that god down to size, placing him on the same level as his father's ravens... Does anyone know what the rest of the ravens are called and who named them?

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  1. Thor the raven gets another media outing in today's Observer interview with the Tower's ravenmaster (see Apparently, he once disconcerted President Vladimir Putin by saying 'Good morning' to him in a Durham accent!