24 June 2012

'I Must Go Down to the Sea Again...'

There is a veritable flurry of Viking ship reconstructions and launchings going on at the moment, no doubt inspired by the very successful Havhingsten fra Glendalough / Sea-Stallion from Glendalough, which sailed from Roskilde to Dublin and back a few years ago. Only a few days ago, a copy of the Oseberg ship was launched in Tønsberg. It's called Saga Oseberg and there is a good video of its rather less than smooth launch here - I do hope it sails a bit better than some of its predecessors! The so-called Dragon Harald Fairhair was launched on the 5th of June, though I do wish the people responsible for the latter had consulted more, both about calling it a 'dragon' and Harald's nickname. Grrr. Unlike most modern Viking ships, this is not a replica of any actual ship, but rather a reconstruction based on a variety of sources. Meanwhile, Archaeology4Schools has embarked on a copy of the Ardnamurchan boat, found last year, though since not much more than some rivets survived of the boat, I do wonder what the basis of this reconstruction really is. At any rate, it sounds like lots of people are having lots of fun, and the seas this summer will be alive with Viking ships!


  1. And at Ladby their working on a ship that should be ready no later than 2014: http://www.ladbyskibslaug.dk/index.php/en/

  2. Anonymous9/8/12 01:42

    That Tønsberg video is an eye-opener. Firstly because of watching a long-ship do three-point-turns, something I'd never before realised might be necessary; secondly because of the sheer improbability of manœuvering a ship never before trialled in the water without hitting one of the dozens of other watercraft whose pilots were apparently determined to get them under her bows, well done the coxswain; thirdly because she is, by a good distance, the biggest thing in the harbour; and fourthly because why does the harbour have pictures of house windows stuck up at intervals along its breakwater? I can't say I have any suggestions about any of these but it's enlightening viewing anyway, thanks for the link!