05 November 2009

It's Only a Theory...

Julian Richards, TV archaeologist, presents the theory 'Vikings were a force for good' to a panel of BBC folk. Horned helmets, slaughter and Kirk Douglas galore - can JR persuade the comedians otherwise? Watch this clip to see whether the theory is approved, or fails the test.


  1. Good find! I'm a little disappointed with the subtitles for the film clip of the 'Vikings' - Instead of 'King Athelstan' we had 'King Athul stands'. But a good guess on the part of the subtitler, I suppose.

  2. Anonymous6/10/11 07:01

    Dear Viking Queen,

    Your excellent blog has been too much fun! I have been drgooned into a talk on Vikings for our high school (whose mascot wears a horned "Viking" helmet). My focus is 19th Century Islamic armies, but as the local military historian...certainly there will be no trouble lopping off 1000 years while moving to Scandinavia! Thanks to your blog, maybe it won't be a complete disaster. Have a good one.

    John Dunn

  3. Thanks, John Dunn, for the kinds comments, and good luck with those schoolkids!