14 February 2012

Runic Valentine

This little weaving sword from Lödöse in Sweden bears the inscription:
mun : þu * mik : man : þik : un : þu : m(e)r : an : þRr

Think of me, I think of you! Love me, I love you!
It's from the first half of the twelfth century, and both the object and the inscription may have been made by a lover for his lass. Seemed appropriate for today...


  1. Certainly appropriate - how lovely - Happy Day

  2. Anonymous18/2/12 00:58

    Viqueen great translation. I study Scandinavian culture also and have done some research on the name Bykenhulle do you have any idea what it would mean? The name came from a southern England Estate. I believe Aluric of England lived there. It was in William The Conqueror and Cornwall be for it was given to my anncestors.
    I have seen it spelled other ways also

    1. We have a county called Bykle in norway. The name Bykle probably comes from a lake called Bykil, that comes from 'bauke' meaning something like splash or movement in water. Just a thought if there is water or bathing place nearby.

  3. I just gave a little lecture to some high school kids on the runes and their uses in viking age culture, I wish I had had this to share with them, So sweet! Viqueen you rock!

  4. Anonymous11/3/12 22:57

    I thought a text like that was found on one of the Bryggen finds as well? Is it a quote or a known saying of some sort?

    1. You're right, there's a very similar text on B 465, and the same sentiment (though expressed rather differently) on B 493. Just goes to show that Hallmark didn't invent the formulaic expression of love!